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BANS Big Game Contest 2019 Prizes!


Phil's Archery

Huge thanks to Phil Nelson of Phil’s Archery Shop for his ongoing support of the Bowhunters Association of Nova Scotia (BANS) and this donation of a Vista All Leather Hip Quiver as a prize for the 2019 BANS Big Game Contest! 


1. All prizes will be drawn for in a ballot format. In order to have your name entered into the draw you must:

a. Be an eligible member (BANS dues paid up, see 2.)

b. Submit a photo and information to BANS via email, Facebook, or mail (PO box below) It is possible for a member to have a maximum of 3 ballots (2 for whitetail, 1 for black bear).

2. Eligible hunters must hold a Bowhunters Association of Nova Scotia membership with dues paid up in full by September 9th 2019. If a current membership comes due during the contest, then he or she will have till December 31st to renew or they will forfeit their ballot. New members or non-active members that join after September 9th 2019 will not be eligible for the 2019 BANS Big Game Contest.


3. Mandatory photo is required – You must submit one picture containing your harvest, yourself, and your bow. All photos entries will be collected and used by BANS to advertise the association (slide show at the outdoor show). No weights are required, however we will continue to record heaviest buck, doe, and black bear, so please send in your weights if you have them (no prizes will be awarded for weight).


4. Send your photo before Dec 15 th, 2019 - The deadline to send your photo and information to BANS is December 15th, 2019.


5. Entering your Photo – You may enter the contest by posting your photo to the BANS Facebook page, please indicate in your post that this is your entry (Only eligible members will be counted). You may also enter via e-mail submission to or via Canada Post (Address below).


6. Harvests must be made within Nova Scotia.


7. All Harvest must be taken by use of a longbow, recurve bow or compound bow. Crossbows or Firearms are not permitted.


8. The prizes will be drawn for at the BANS AGM in January


9. BANS Executive members have final ruling in determining the winners of the BANS Big Contest.


10. Have Fun, Be Safe, Be Honest, and Good Hunting!!!

B.A.N.S. P.O. Box 705

Lower Sackville, NS B4N 3J1

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